The World Series of Poker and the Internet

The World Series of Poker can perhaps be said to be the biggest poker event in the world. Today, the participants who take part in this particular poker event have reached the tens of thousands, and the prizes for some of the events can reach up to millions of dollars.

The biggest and most famous event in the World Series of Poker is the Main Event, which is a ten thousand dollar buy-in game of no-limit Texas Hold'em. This particular poker event has recently received a great deal of attention, thanks in no small part to the internet.

During the earliest days of the World Series of Poker's inception in the early seventies, it was a very small and exclusive kind of event; often with only a very small and select group of participants. These poker players who first participated in the World Series of Poker can be said to be the godfathers of poker, and they included such poker greats as Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim Preston, Johnny Moss, and Brian "Sailor" Roberts.

Before the internet, events such as the World Series of Poker was seen as mostly exclusive; as only individuals who could go to the location of itself and then qualify for the events could join. Even up to the mid-nineties, for example, most of the people who participated in the World Series of Poker Main Event were already established poker professionals.

The internet gave people from everywhere in the world and from almost every walk of life access to the game of poker, and they could play against individuals who might be hundreds or thousands of miles away. Online cardrooms and poker websites mushroomed throughout cyberspace, and some were linked to actual poker establishments and poker events.

It was this fact; the fact that the internet made poker and other poker events easily available, that gave Chris Moneymaker, who was not a professional poker player at the time, the opportunity to enter the World Series of Poker's Main Event. After qualifying for the event, he subsequently won its two point five million dollar cash prize. The year after Moneymaker's unprecedented victory in, another poker unknown, Greg Raymer, was able to qualify for the Main Event online, and subsequently win its five million dollar first prize.

The victories of these relatively unknown individuals in the field of poker were widely circulated, and soon, entrants to the World Series of Poker's various events skyrocketed in number.