Patty Gallagher: A Filipino Poker Pro

There are only a few women who are successful in playing poker professionally. Aside from this fact, there are only a few professional poker players who are Filipinos. Perhaps, the most successful of all Filipino professional poker players is Patty Gallagher.

Patty Gallagher is being recognized more and more as a female professional poker player all over the world. Born on July 22, 1963 in the Republic of the Philippines, she has been playing poker since 1992. Since that year, she has always been determined to pursue her dream of becoming the very first woman to win the main event of the World Series of Poker. And to improve her skills in playing poker, she frequently visits casinos located in Southern California. This female professional poker player is a resident of San Diego, California.

The first time that Patty Gallagher experienced placing first in a poker tournament was when she joined the No-Limit Hold'em event conducted at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic II tournament in 2004. In the same year, this female professional poker player also placed third in the Limit Hold'em event of the World Series of Poker tournament.

Patty Gallagher also participated in several poker events in 2005, but the most notable game she participated in during this year was at the Los Angeles Poker Classic event, wherein she won second place.

The determination of Patty Gallagher to be very successful in the world of poker is not a secret to her fellow professional poker players. They have known of Patty Gallagher's seriousness in playing professional poker. At the poker tables, this female professional poker player has been known to have a brash style of playing poker. Moreover, it is very noticeable that the attitude that Patty Gallagher shows to her opponents is the one indicating that she does not care about her opponents at all. Such attitude seems to be an effective one for her because most of her opponents get irritated when she starts to display such attitude. Actually, when such attitude is displayed by male professional poker players, it is not a big deal at all and can be tolerated at poker tables. But the mere fact that such attitude is being displayed by a woman makes it irritating, especially for the male players. Well, whatever the effect is on her opponents, Patty Gallagher just does not pay any attention to it. She just makes sure that her concentration when playing poker is not affected at all.

Despite the fact that Patty Gallagher has not yet achieved her dream of becoming the first woman to win the main event of the World Series of Poker, this female professional poker player has nevertheless shown remarkable achievements that have made her recognized not only in the United States, but all over the world.