Greer Poker Case Lawyer Asks Judge To Dismiss Case

The lawyer for the five men that were arrested in a poker bust in Greer last year told a municipal judge Sept. 13 that the 1802 gambling law that the men were charged with is too vague. Technically, it outlaws any game that involves the use of cards or dice, including monopoly.

Attorney Jeffrey Phillips asked Judge Henry Mims dismiss the case against Michael Wiggins, Don McNair, Mark Thoennes, Jarett Chester and Michael Cooper by declaring the law unconstitutional.

Prosecutor Miles Thomas on the other hand counter-argued that the Legislature has made it clear that the unlawful games and betting are the targets of the law. Judge Mims is set to give out his ruling next week.

Greer police busted a Texas Hold'em Tournament Aug. 8, 2005 at the Brushy Meadows Subdivision clubhouse.

Court records show that officers handled the accused roughly during the arrest, at one point shoving them to the floor and pointing guns to their heads while yelling "Warrant. Get on the ground and don't move."

Police officers then searched the premises, including cars in the parking lot, and and only found a license plate that reads "THENUTZ", a poker slang term that stands for the best possible hand.