Three Point Poker Formula

Poker and Texas Hold'em poker is not just about having the best poker hand; the trick of the game is not holding royal flushes to win. It was just that plain and simple poker wouldn't be phenomenal, as you know it today. People will be easily bored with it. Winning poker is an abstract concept composed of observation, sixth sense and mathematics.

Unlike blackjack where your goal is to beat the dealer, poker is a battle among players on the table. Of course, it is not about brute force of arms and legs. Do not ever make the mistake of thinking solely on your cards, be watchful of the other player's moves. This is where observation comes in. Use all your senses to study your opponent. Listen to your opponents verbalizations, look at their facial expression or gestures, taste their strength, smell their fear and feel the victory.

Okay, that may seem a little exaggerated but what that means is that you analyze the other players move to know if you are at an advantage or not. Surely for the many years you have lived among humans, you are keen to the meaning of certain gestures: that denote a certain position like a frown could mean something bad or that a smirk signals a good time.

Observation would not do well if you do not have a sixth sense. Yes, you could notice a few twitches of the face but it would be your sixth sense which will tell you that those movements means a hard time for that player. Others may call sixth sense intuition. But either way it refers to that inside interpretation or feeling that you have. It would be called luck later on when your feelings proved correct. Obi Wan Kenobi of Star Wars once said: 'Trust your feelings.'

Poker is a game of probability and so mathematical prowess can come handy. Your options of betting, calling, raising and folding are influence primarily by mathematics. Math will help you in understanding whether you should fold early in this game to avoid a big loss later on. Your chances of winning can be calculated with math, what other discipline will do the counting. Your intuition or sixth sense could be flawed at times and it would be reason that will catch you.

So when you consider the formula for success in poker remember to observe your opponents, trust your gut feeling and do not forget about your poker math homework. Those are just three things and it is not likely that you will forget them.