The Goal of Poker

Since Poker is a gambling game, the main objective is to win over other Poker players. The main objective of Poker is to win the opponent's bankroll, often represented as Poker chips.

To do this, a player must win the coveted Poker pots. The Poker pot is the sum total of all the bets placed by the players. Poker pots are usually a pool of Poker chips, or cash. The Poker hand is the term used to describe the particular round, or individual game. Poker hands usually last for several minutes.

The Poker hand is also the term used to describe the cards dealt to each Poker player during the game.

To win the Poker pot, the player must beat the opponents. Winning many Poker pots does not always mean winning the most money. The betting aspect of Poker ensures that there is always something to play for in each hand. But Poker players must be wary of allowing their instincts to control the Poker game. On most occasions, Poker players who allow their instincts to take over leave the Poker table penniless. Prudence is, therefore, a must for Poker players in their betting decisions. To win a few big Poker pots during crucial moments is likely to be more profitable, in the long run, than number of pots won.

Winning in Poker is achieved oftentimes when the Poker player bets and other opponents can not match the wager. When this happens, the Poker player who bets the large sum of chips collects the pot even without showing the other players his cards. This strategy can be tricky in Poker. Normally, Poker players with a good hand will bet more. But Poker players who have a weak hand may bet more in Poker to intimidate other Poker players. This is why Poker is sometimes called the bluffing game.

When the wager is matched by another opponent, a face-off happens between the Poker players who have equaled the highest wagers. This is termed "showdown." In most Poker games, the player with the best hand wins the Poker pot. It is possible that two or more players may have the same card value. Normally, the Poker pot would be split among them. Unless otherwise agreed before the Poker game, this is the normal practice.

Although other Poker variations allow 7 cards to be dealt, it is best to remember that only the top five cards are counted in the final determination of the Poker winner.